Time You Enjoy Wasting Is Not Wasted Time

“Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.”

I came across this quote one day in one of those internet motivational picture blocks – 1:1 aspect ratio for easy Instagramming, of course. It was attributed to John Lennon, though a quick Google search brought up a handy article that clarified it came from a novel by Marthe Troly-Curtin.

But really, does it matter?

The point is valid, no matter which “genius” spake it.

When I was in engineering and business, working for large corporations, the focus was always on efficiency. On time worked, output produced, and key performance indicators.

But since I’ve left that world I’ve discovered something: that hours worked does not equal productivity. And it does not equal impactful results.

I can now point to specific examples – times I produced some of my most impactful results on days I did the least amount of work. On days spent daydreaming, hiking, hanging out with friends, or traveling. Days I allowed my brain to wander.

Because on those days I wasn’t distracted by a pursuit of productivity. I wasn’t guilted by a desire to spend more hours at my desk. And because I wasn’t weighed down with such feelings, my subconscious was free to play, to wander, to be creative.

On those days, I’ve some of my biggest “lighting moments” and had five-minute bursts that produced more impactful results than some eight-hour days.

But on a less “business-y” note – we only get one life, and a limited amount of time to live it. Shouldn’t we enjoy our time here?

What are sometimes you thought you “wasted” that in hindsight turned out to be some of your best memories? I’m sure you can find a few. I know I can.


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