Writing Exercise: The Plants Are Coming

​I usually start my writing sessions with a three-minute sprint warm up, just make up a title, set a timer, and start typing. Just for fun, I thought I would share one from a few days ago: here are all 157 words, unedited, for your reading enjoyment…

The Plants are Coming

I feel them, even now. Hear the creaks and groans of their fibrous vines crushing and squeezing the boards of the walls, the roof. They approach now through the floorboards as well. 

There, there in the corner, is that bit of floor moving?

Bulging, yes. Cracking!

I see it now, see it with my very eyes, the tendril that has found its way through the crack between the boards, the crack that I meant to fix so many summers ago, and never got to, the very crack that wedged itself between myself and my fine wife.

“You never fix anything you say you will,” she said, walking out the front door. The step creaked as she stomped on it, I remember.

Then, she pointed at the hedges. “Those, too. You said you’d trim them and you never did. Now they grow wild.”

“In fact,” she said, “I am sure they will swallow the entire house one day.”


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