Put on your lab coat


Life is all about experimentation.

When we are kids, we don’t think twice about experimenting. We wonder what that dirt tastes like – so we eat it! We wonder if we can fly – so we jump from a tree! Sure, we get mud in our mouth and scrapes on our knees, but does that stop us from trying the next weird idea that comes to mind? Nope.

But as adults, we close down the lab.

We decide that we must pick something. Stop experimenting. Trying new things can get you hurt. Can lead to failure.

But that’s good. Getting hurt is good. Failing is good. Most of the time, we can spit out the mud and the scraped knees will heal.

When we get hurt, when we fail, we learn something important. And maybe, just maybe, we find out that actually – yes! We CAN fly.

So here I go on another experiment. I’m a huge fan of Seth Godin, and I love his blog – so I decided to try out microblogging. I’ll be writing one of these (almost) every day, and I’ll try not to hold back on my opinions. Most will be 150-300 words, though they could be less, could be more. The thing is, it’s just an experiment – if after a month (or a week), I decide not to do it anymore, then on to the next!

What experiment have you been considering? What mud-pie have you thought of making? Let’s stop being “adults” and put on our lab coats.



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