Poetry (sort of): The Post

Okay. Annnnnd there.

I did it. I posted it.

There’s no going back.

Okay, one like.

That’s good. That’s a start.

I should refresh the page. Maybe it’s just not updating.

Okay. I refreshed. Still just one like? But I thought…I thought this one was the one.

I thought this post was totally going to work.

I mean, I even added a picture this time, so that it would show up better, because I know everyone’s feeds are so busy these days, what with all the politics and the news and the arguing and the…

Okay, there we go, there’s another like.

Doing good.

Just breathe. Just breathe.

Maybe I should turn this thing off for a bit, do something else. When I come back, I’m sure a bunch of people will have liked it by then.


First, just one more refresh.

Okay. Done. I’m closing it.

I’m closing it.


Do it.

Just walk away.

Oh! Another like.


Maybe just a few more minutes.

Maybe just a few more…



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