The Not-So-Innocuous Rock


The Not-So-Innocuous Rock

By Dave Holton


There’s a rock in my shoe,
tucked there under my heel.
Oh what shall I do
with this pain that I feel?

Please excuse my lament.
Please just humor my moan.
Goliath’s descent
came by small jagged stone.

Do I speed yet ahead,
leave its edges to rend,
run fast as I’m bled,
tearing open my skin?

Do I pause and sit down,
though my pace might be lost,
throw stone to the ground,
and let speed be the cost?

Should I sprint on in spite,
ignore each tiny prick,
tattooed while in flight,
where the skin spreads less thick?

Leave it in? Take it out?
Inclined to the latter.
If forced from my route,
will speed even matter?

So now I’ve decided,
I should slow to a walk.
Yet often, instead,
I ignore the damned rock.


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