Focus on the Small Wins

Some people like to “go big or go home.” They lift weights until their palms bleed. They pull all-nighters to knock out massive workloads.

But my question is, with no sleep and bloody palms, what will they do tomorrow?

Some people set massive goals. They want to lose 30 pounds by summer. They want to write three screenplays and two novels by next year.

But my question is, when they fall behind and those goals seem impossible, how will they keep going?

Maybe instead of trying to do it all at once and setting ourselves up for failure with unrealistic goals, we should start small and aim to get small wins.

Small wins add up. IBM famously set their sales quotas low so that salespeople consistently hit them, but a funny thing happened. Ultimately, the salespeople consistently outperformed, growing IBM into a massively successful company.

Small wins build momentum. They make us feel good, which makes us want to show up again. And when we show up day after day, we ultimately lose the weight, and write the screenplay.

Don’t “go big or go home.” Don’t set mountainous goals.

Focus on small wins instead.


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