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Here’s a bit about me (Dave Holton, but I guess you knew that) and my approach to life:

That’s me to the right, there. Except for when I’m busy writing, and I’ve decided not to shave (see below). Whether I’m wearing a suit or I’m in t-shirt and jeans, I’m always looking for opportunities to create something of value and to do great work that matters. I believe that the best work results from experimentation, learning, and practical application in a rinse-repeat cycle; and a focus on finding opportunities at the intersections. I’ve got a mish-mash array of education and experience, which I count as one of my key strengths, as I’ve developed a robust skill stack across business disciplines, creative and non-fiction writing, large-scale project management and more.

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The Timeline:

I grew in the small, eastern North Carolina town of Manteo, on Roanoke Island (fun fact, that’s where the first English colony was “lost”). It’s a beautiful beach community, and if you ever have the chance to visit, take it!

In 2005, I earned a degree in Civil Engineering from NC State, then spent several years in project management on multi-million dollar bridge construction projects; achieving a professional engineer’s license before leaving the field. I then earned an MBA from UNC in 2012 and worked for a few years in management consulting for Fortune 500 companies in the US, Germany, and Mexico.

In 2014, I answered the call of my creative side and earned a Certificate in Film Production from UCLA before working freelance for several years across the entertainment industry, reading scripts for Amazon Studios and other clients and producing and working on feature films and digital content.

Through it all I’ve been a writer at heart, from crafting stories as a young ‘un for my grandmother to read; to sneaking off for classes in creative writing on the side as I studied civil engineering and business; to waking at 4 a.m. to write stories during my years in engineering and business. I’ve written for several publications as I’ve worked to develop my library of creative work. In addition to nonfiction work, I write screenplays, poetry, stage plays, short stories, and I (always) have a novel in progress.

Recent film work:

  • Produced and Assistant Directed WWE mockumentary “Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling” that now has nearly 3 million views on YouTube.
  • Produced web series “Friendless Five” distributed in 2016 by Fullscreen and DirecTV.
  • Produced short film “Broken Wings” now available on Amazon Video.
  • Produced innovative short film “Vain” for 360 Virtual Reality platforms, which we exhibited at eight film festivals worldwide.
  • Project Coordinated feature film “Doomsday Device.”
  • Assistant Directed all background actors on the music video “One Last Time” for Ariana Grande.

Recent writing work:

  • Wrote multi-page feature articles for “Milepost Magazine” fall and winter 2017 print magazines.
  • Wrote full- and multi-page advertorials and half-page ads for “Outer Banks This Week” summer and fall ’17 print and digital magazines.
  • Wrote feature screenplay “Dragon” that finished top 10% in the 2016 PAGE Awards international screenplay contest.
  • Read and analyzed feature scripts and novels for Amazon Studios and judged entries for The Tracking Board and other highly ranked screenwriting contests: appraised hundreds of stories for development and production potential.

I am always interested in discussing possible opportunities that might be a good fit for my skills, which cover business strategy, marketing and sales, production and project management, story development, writing and speaking, and international team management, among others! I am also conversationally fluent in Spanish and capable of communicating in German.

Please reach out and let’s see how I can help you out.

Thanks for visiting!